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PIZLIO MODELS is a Model Management Company and a leading name in the business. It is the brainchild of Vivek Lodhi, a rumored craftsman in the realm of style and commercial. PIZLIO MODELS Management Company is based in Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow. They are one of the renowned and trusted modeling agencies with 100+ models and 25+ brands. Their main consideration is modeling, acting, and displaying a science since, as most sciences; it very well may be explored, tested, learned, educated, and culminated. Their agency was being established and govern by the Lodhi family on 11th July 2019.

The current Chief Executive Officer is Vivek Lodhi Into his authority Pizlio Has become one of the top model administration organizations. Their group of expert specialists is specialized in finding new abilities. They are powered by the achievement of their clients and give the customized consideration and preparation they need to land their desired jobs. PIZLIO MODELS is home to a portion of amusements and design Stars. What started off as a small agency in 2019 has since turned into an empire of talent presently. Anuj Lodhi is chief financial and operations officer and Jatin Dubey is the manager at Pizlio Models presently.

Their task at PIZLIO MODELS is triple – that of distinguishing, preparing, and prepping crude ability into a pool of restrained and gifted entertainers and models for the future. What’s more, they had been adequately lucky to get the consideration of laid out makers and chefs who have sent off and given space to the youthful abilities tidied up at their foundation. Their office has additionally been running an exceptional extravagance, way of life for their customers from recent 3 years.

The foundation guarantees that when the understudies venture out into the world as performing craftsmen, they are exceptional to confront the difficulties of any medium – be it stage, TV, movie, or the new age media. Outfitted with the most present-day strategies, procedures, and devices, our displaying courses and preparing program is conferred by qualified educators of the business. The individual consideration and care conveyed to the understudies mirror our responsibility towards the achievement of the mission.

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