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Chief Executive Officer

Vivek Lodhi, Chief Executive Officer of Pizlio Models, (Pizlio Models), is a Current and Second CEO who has made Pizlio Models into the National phenomenon it is today.
As a pioneer in the model management and entertainment business, a recognized media personality throughout the India, a visionary promoter and a fearless marketer, he continues to make his presence known as a leader within the fashion modeling and entertainment business. In 2019, Lodhi joined his friends company, Pylie Pictures, Event Management Company, on a full-time basis. By May 2019, the Company made her 7 Lakh Revenue in its first event. In July 2019, he founded Pizlio Models with his family and decided to make it into a national venture.
Under Vivek’s leadership, Pizlio Models has developed into one of the most Trusted and top model management company today. 
In recognition of Pizlio Models work to support unprivileged over the past 3 years. 
No1 modeling agency in Delhi and Mumbai


Chief Financial and Operations Officer 

Anuj Lodhi has been working as a Chief Financial and Operations Officer at PIZLIO MODELS for many years. Anuj Lodhi has landed our talents some of the biggest roles of their careers.

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